A Tradition Built on Over 60 Years of Excellence

Consolidated Construction Company



In 1960, Consolidated Construction Company (CCC) was formed by Henry V. Bragg. Mr. Bragg focused on commercial construction as well as residential and multi-family. He set cornerstones for the company through his impeccable character of honesty, fairness, and ethics.

Henry Bragg set the tone that remains today. He expected CCC employees to work hard, please their clients, and conduct themselves with an attitude of service. In the early 1970s, Henry’s son, Gregory V. Bragg, joined and grew the company in volume and prestige. Greg dropped the residential wing of CCC to focus strictly on commercial and multi-family projects. CCC also began building in markets outside the Huntsville area with projects ranging from Chattanooga, Tennessee, to Birmingham, Alabama. Greg served as President of the company until 2016 and now serves as CEO; he continues to run the company with the same principles it was founded on.

Today, Consolidated Construction Company continues as a family business. In 2016, J. Greg Bragg, the son of Greg Bragg, became President of the company and represents the third generation of the Bragg family to lead CCC. A majority of our employees have worked for CCC for over twenty years and say that CCC feels like a large family. The history of Consolidated Construction combine with its present and future endeavors to make a unique company with unmatched dedication.


CCC would not be where we are without our employees, and we are continually looking for dedicated and hardworking individuals to join our team.

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